Health Visitor

Rosie Gay – Indepent Health Visitor


My name is Rosie Gay and I run RosieHealth, an Independent Health Visiting service in East Cheshire.

I am a Registered Nurse and Health Visitor and my health visiting experience spans over 20 years.

I have supported many mums (and dads) who needed a little extra help one way or another after the birth of a baby, or in the early years as their children grow up, and I was pleased to set up my first parent support group ( Time for Me) in Wilmslow in 2011.

I have seen at first-hand how the group members really support one another, and how a safe, non-judgemental environment allows parents to share their ups and downs and feel less isolated. Many mums have told me the group is the ’highlight’ of their week, a ‘lifeline’, and I was very pleased to be invited to join Cath, Melanie and Rhiannon in facilitating Parents Supporting Parents.My home is in Bollington, Cheshire and am married with two sons and a stepdaughter. In my free time, I love being outdoors and walking my dog in the hills where I live.

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